Home Inspection Updates from BPG Home Inspections on The Duncan Duo Show

Andrew Duncan, Tampa's #1 Realtor, talks to Chuck Bakker and Randy Noon from BPG Home Inspections as they give Tampa Bay Inspection Updates and Advice to listeners on The Duncan Duo Show.

BPG Home Inspections cover from Citrus County all the way to Bradenton, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. They cover from Tampa to Orlando
all the way to Lakeland. They cover the whole central market.

Chuck Bakker is new to BPG but aside from his years of experience in the home inspection busines, he also has 30 years renovation experience which could be very handy when they have buyers who have lots of questions about how much repairs are going to cost or about how things will work in the house.

So what is the role of a home inpsector? They are there to see what the systems and make sure all of them work. Home inspectors are probably the least biased person in the whole transaction. They remove the emotion from the whole experience.

Andrew believes that the real estate agent, specifically the buyer agent, has no business being at the home inspection because it adds more pressure to an already tense situation. It's not like their presense is going to change anything or affect the home inspector's mind. He share some instances where agents would argue with the home inspector because he's trying to keep a deal together.

Randy talks about how some sellers being present during the inspection which could also add pressure to the situation. What some sellers don't realize is that home inspectors are not there on their behalf. They work for the buyer and they are there to make sure that all the systems are working in the home they are planning to purchase.

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