Brand New Tampa Real Estate Agents Welcome at The Duncan Duo RE/MAX & how it changes the market

Andrew Duncan talks to guest David Diaz of Waterstone Mortgage about the pros and cons of having new realtors jump into the Real Estate industry whenever the market gets hot.

The good news about it is that it brings innovation, technology, and a new approach to the business. Since a lot of the market right now there's a big push for the millennials to buy and who better to relate to a millennial than another millennial. 

Andrew says that they welcome new agents to their team. If you are thinking of having a real estate career or if you know of someone thinking about having a real estate career, you can check out their site You can sign up on their Real Estate career nights which is done once a month. They have prospective agents come in and learn about the real estate business. They talk about The Duncan Duo run their business differently from other brokerages. 

Another challenge with new agents is that some are not well educated about real estate or have not even gone through the process of buying their own home before. They require a lot of coaching and training. The benefit for new agents who join The Duncan Duo team is the huge support system and the massive training program they undergo before they even talk to a customer. Aside from getting their license, Andrew makes sure new agents go through their own boot camp training program to help educate them not just about contracts but how to work with a customer, their standards, core values and things that they require. 

A downside of having a gap in age in the workforce is that certain demographics is one group want to communicate one way and the other would want to communicate another way. Younger agents love text, social media and emails. As you climb the age barrier, they are more likely prone to pick up the phone and not liking the text messages. The agents need to know how to adapt and think of the person they are working with and how they want to communicate. 

They also give advice to prospective customers on how to find a good realtor. Not because they are an agent, it means they are good. Google them. Check the reviews. Look at their track record. 

One of the big advantages with working for The Duncan Duo team is that they take away some of the most challenging things for a new agents. They have licensed transaction coordinators, listing coordinators and all those administrative staff that take that off the agent's plate.

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