Tampa and Sarasota Real Estate Statistics for Home Sales & Values for January 2016

Andrew Duncan, Tampa Bay's #1 Realtor and expert talks with David Diaz of Waterstone Mortgage about the Tampa & Sarasota Real Estate Statistics for January 2016.

There has been an 8% year after year increase in the average sale price in Tampa.  Inventory is up for the first time in several months - 4.1 months of inventory from a low of 2.9 months the previous month. Part of the inventory increase is because of the decrease in the number of sales. One thing Andrew noticed is that the luxury market is starting to get saturated again.

Sarasota stats after the month of January experienced a slight 1.2% increase in total sales while condos were down 5.2% and Manatee Single family homes were down 5.4 % from last year. There was a robust increase in sale price in both counties. Single family homes in Sarasota increased 21.3% and 10% in Manatee.

Listen as they talk about their analysis of the market behavior and what is affecting it.

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  1. Not really surprised to see the luxury market getting saturated... times are tough economically. And unfortunately I don't really see it getting better anytime soon. But I'm not exactly a psychic so we'll just have to see what happens.

    Mark Coppens | Sarasota Real Estate

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