How are International and Chinese Buyers Impacting the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market

Andrew Duncan talks to Arnie and David Diaz of Waterstone Mortgage on The Duncan Duo Show about recent impact of international and Chinese buyers in Tampa Bay. He mentions an article that talked about Chinese buyers inquiring about luxury Real Estate in Tampa Bay which he's also seen first hand. Another article talks about how Spanish speaking women are now a driving force for home buying. 

Real Estate in Florida is a cultural melting pot. He suggests to those selling homes that it is important to identify who the niche buyer is and how to appeal to those audiences who have unique tastes and preferences. 

In the Duncan Duo team, they have multiple people who speak different languages (Russian and Spanish) which is an advantage because when you're selling a property like they do and massively advertise it everywhere, it's important to find ways to get in front of that audience. 

Andrew busts the myth that foreign buyers would pay more for your home. They may not speak English very well but they do know how to do Math. What sellers need is an agent who knows how to tap into that audience to expose your home to a Spanish speaking audience or a Chinese audience. 

Re/Max is found across a hundred countries all over the world which is another plus as they allow agents to have connections with other agents in exposing their properties.

David adds that each group has a different culture. And speaking for the Spanish, he says that they have to like you (the agent) and trust you. Once they trust and like you, you're family. 

Andrew further talks how important it is for agents to have that multi cultural training. By being educated on how to work with these buyers, the agent will be able to provide proper customer service and helping them come up with the solution. It also helps to know how homes are bought and sold in different parts of the world so they can explain the differences of how they work here. 

As a real estate agent, you have to be conscious of all the different cultures, how they communicate and how real estate is done in their country so you'll understand how not to be bothered by something that might come off in different scenarios.

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