Bob Corcoran Renowned Real Estate coach talks about transitioning to a listing agent on The Duncan Duo

Bob Corcoran, founder and chief executive officer of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching, and one of the nation's best real estate coaches, talks to prospective buyer agents for The Duncan Duo in both Tampa and Sarasota about the possibilities and opportunities working with their team. Corcoran coaches some of the world's highest producing real estate agents and focuses on high performance and amazing culture.

The Duncan Duo is nothing like any real estate company or real estate team you may have experienced. In the real estate industry, the average agent in America last year sold 4.7 homes a year. When you look at the production of The Duncan Duo, their average agent have sold 60 homes a year. In fact, this year, they will close over 700 properties. 

Bob Corcoran, one of the country's best real estate coaches, and coach of The Duncan Duo team at RE/MAX, gives a message to current team members of The Duncan Duo who wish to transition from a buyer agent to a listing partner on the team.

The next 3 months will be a tough road as you move from the buyer side to the listing side because it all comes down to cash flow. He recommends that you continue working on the buy side for the next 30 days while training to be a listing partner. 

Andrew Duncan and Robert Johnson have developed a very strong training program. Karen MacCormack has been working diligently to prepare you for the next step and helped you get to this point of responsibility. 

As you start taking listings, he recommends that you get off the floor time but still maybe work on the leads you have in your pipeline to keep the cash flow. He says your work-life balance is going to be a little out of whack but if you want to be the best listing partner then you have to follow this advice because a lot is going to be invested in you and he needs to make sure that you're willing to make the commitment to be diligent in your training. When it comes to a point when a listing partner will have 6-7 active listings, when you're totally done working the buy side. 

The listing side is all about discipline. You have to be the one of the best time managers on the team. But if you're lacking time management skills, he strongly recommends that you talk to him or Angela to fine tune your time management skills because that's what the listing side is all about. 

He also talks about what to expect when you are a listing partner. You're going to be required to talk to your sellers on a regular basis. He also talks about challenges that you also encounter on the buy side but gets a little bit more pronounced on the listing side. Some examples are sellers who get upset because you haven't called them back in an hour from a voice mail they left you; or sellers who are upset because their house isn't getting any showings. You cannot avoid those calls.

He talks about the video "Eat the Frog" which simply means that the hardest things you have to do and are not looking forward to, do them first thing in the morning. Never put them off until later in the afternoon because that never comes. If you don't take care of your frogs or call your sellers back who may be upset with you, you're only getting them more frustrated. 

Bob challenges you --- "Are you going to be committed to the training schedule? Are you going to be committed to follow what Andrew and Robert have developed as one of the strongest listing training programs in the country?"

You should feel honored to be selected to interview or be accepted to this team. Andrew and Angela belived in you to get you to this point. Now you can show your appreciation by dedicating your time to learning the process. 

If you get to the listing side and feel that it's not for you which has happened before, just be politely honest with Andrew and Robert because they'll be happy to welcome you back to the buyer agent division. 

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