New Wave of Real Estate Agents Coming to Florida

Today I wanted to speak about the real estate licensee's renewal that is coming up in September. What's interesting about this is that 32,000 licensed real estate agents have not taken the necessary steps to extend their licenses through September. This means that if these licenses aren't renewed, we're going to see a massive decline in the number of licensed agents in our market. 

Interestingly enough, we're also seeing a big increase in the number of new people joining the real estate profession. A lot of them are younger, more data-driven individuals. My team is seeing much more interest from people who want to work with us than we were seeing just a few years ago.

Becoming a licensed real estate agent isn't as difficult as people like to imagine, it just takes a willingness to continue learning and a level of dedication. 

If you're interested in getting involved in the real estate industry, please don't hesitate to contact myself or my team!

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