Tampa Real Estate Career – How The Duncan Duo Team model is different than typical Tampa brokerage

How We Make It Easy for Our Agents to Do a lot of Business

Are you thinking about getting into the real estate industry? Are you already in the industry, but having trouble succeeding? If so, you don't want to miss this segment from our radio show on 970 WFLA.

The Duncan Duo is a team model, not just a typical brokerage. There is a rigid screening process, they have to fit our culture, and they have to be someone who understands what we're looking for.

The nice thing about a team model is that we're all in it together. We have people on the team to handle all the marketing, lead generation, and paperwork. The agents on our team do not have to spend money to generate business - we are doing all of that for them! 

Our strength is getting people to buy in to what we're doing. We work on a team where everyone has each other's back, so everyone can find success in this industry! It's truly a great place to work!

Tampa Real Estate Market Improves and Agents flooding the industry: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Why Should You Be Wary of New Agents?

Improvements in real estate have led many people back to school to get real estate licenses, which is something you as a consumer need to be aware of. If someone is just now getting back into real estate after being out for a while, they may mislead you on their level of experience. Someone who has never worked in real estate, or who has been out of real estate for years, isn't aware of the latest tools and strategies for successful transactions.

You need to be cautious about who you work with. If it's someone relatively new to the industry, they may be using outdated methods and are likely to make mistakes. It's easy to get a license, but it's not easy to be a real estate professional. In real estate school, they don't teach you how to sell homes, they teach you how to avoid a lawsuit. Inexperienced agents won't know how to list a home, write an offer, or complete the process thoroughly. 

There are many people getting into the industry because they think it's a get rich quick scheme, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There is a lot to learn, and it takes years to get to the point where you can make a good deal of money. There will likely be some good changes brought by our strong market, but you need to avoid working with agents who come to the industry with the wrong attitude. You need to stick with experienced brokers while the new up-and-comers get a hang of the business! 

It may not be the right business move to hire someone fresh in the industry. Recent changes will bring in a whole lot of new blood into the industry, so you need to be cautious about who you work with! 

Tampa Bay Real Estate Career - The Duncan Duo & RE/MAX Dynamic are hiring full time Realtors

Should You Believe the Horror Stories About the Real Estate Industry?

I recently received a question from someone in the health insurance business has had some challenges due to recent changes to his industry. Because of this, he is thinking about getting into real estate, but is hesitant because he has heard so many horror stories about Realtors and the real estate industry. 

Is now a good time to get into the real estate industry, and why?

Now is a phenomenal time to get into real estate. In order to be successful in the industry, you have to learn tried and true methods to generate business and read the market. You need to see the game to learn how it's played, and now is a great time to do so because the worst market conditions are behind us. You have time to hone your craft! If you get in now, you may benefit from seeing another up cycle in the coming years. Things will likely settle down a bit here in the near future, but by the time you get your skills sharpened you will be ready to take advantage of the next market upturn.

We're hiring agents right now, so check out if we're the right fit for you by visiting TheDuncanDuo.com and clicking on the Real Estate Careers page. If you're interested in a real estate career or want to revitalize your current real estate career, don't hesitate to reach out to us!